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Welcome to sunglasses-wood.com

Sample Policy


 We supply sample before bulk order.


Sample fee of PC/metal or plastic sunglasses:

1. Buy samples from our stock wholesale items, 1 piece each design only, sample fee is USD 5~10 per piece.

2. Make samples of custom designs of PC/Metal, Plastic fashion sunglasses, sample fee is USD 25 per piece.

3. Sample fee will be refunded after placing order.


Sample fee of bamboo & wooden sunglasses:

1. Buy 1 piece of sample one design wood/bamboo sunglasses from our stock items without custom made logo, it is USD 20~25 per piece without shipping.

2. Buy 1 piece of sample one design wood/bamboo sunglasses from our stock items with customize your logo, it is USD 30~45 per piece without shipping.

3. Buy entire custom made sample of wood/bamboo sunglasses with specified material, color, size and logo, it is USD 30~55 per piece without shipping.

4. Refund policy for sample fee of wooden & bamboo sunglasses:

When buyer place order after verify the sample, we will refund extra sample fee. For example, buyer spends USD 30 buying 1 piece sample of sunglasses (model code: AW001) , AW001 bulk price is USD 11, we will refund USD 19 after buyer placing bulk order of AW001.


Shipping fee of samples should be paid by buyers. Please check shipping cost with us due to final sample quantity and delivery address.Shipping fee of sample won’t be refund.


Sample delivery time:

1. Buy sample from our stock items without customized logo, we can send out in 2 working days after payment.

2. Buy samples from our stock items with customized your logo, we send samples out in 3~5 working days after payment.

3. Entire custom made samples inlcuding specify material of frame, color of lens, size and logo, delivery time is 7~15 working days due to different designs.


Sample shipping time:

 It takes 3~6 working days usually by DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT etc.


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